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PTFE Lined Ball Valve
Our company can be contacted for buying FEP and PTFE lined ball valves. This type of simple to install fitting can control the pressure and flow of liquid material as well as gases.
Plug Valve
We have in our range PTFE, FEP and PFA lined plug valves. This fitting can be installed in pipelines that are used to carry air, slurries, etc. It is an ideal fitting which can be used in high temperature and pressure applications. 
Flush Bottom Valves
We have a variety of flush bottom valves, from jacketed, PFA lined to lined. As the very name implies, this fitting is used at the bottom of any equipment in order to flush out the liquid or slurry.

Check Valve
We have in store PTFE lined check valve which are required for installation in domestic pipelines, industrial processes, etc. The material can flow in one direction only if this valve is connected
Diaphragm Valve
Contact us to buy PFA and PTFE line diaphragm valve if the requirement is to get a fitting that can be used to low or stop flow of fluid. It can be used for controlling the liquid containing suspended solids.

Lined Butterfly Valve

PFA and PTFE lined butterfly valves can be obtained at market leading price. The valve can be installed with ease and can be operated for regulating the flow. 

Lined Spares
In the category of lined spares, we have blade and manway cover. These spares are GLR, FEP / PFA lined and are highly demanded in pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.
PTFE, FEP - PFA Lined Pipe Fittings
In the PTFE, FEP - PFA Lined Pipe Fittings segment, we currently have sight glass. It is fitted in the pipeline to indicate the flow. It has no rotating parts, thus no maintenance is needed.
Tailor Made Items
In our tailor made items section, we have included parts that can be custom-made by our professionals. They can modify the technical specifications on request. 

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